"Making the Difference"

Maintenance Methods, Inc., is an Ohio based Janitorial Management consulting company... providing expertise, assistance and job implementation services to an affiliation of Professional Maintenance companies.
  • Janitorial Service Companies
  • Property Management Groups
  • In-House Facility Management

Established over 40 years ago and still growing in knowledge!

MAINTENANCE METHODS, Inc. was developed as a management support team for Professional Maintenance Service companies located in the Midwest.

As the number of Professional Maintenance affiliates grew, so did Maintenance Methods, Inc.  In the 1970ís, Maintenance Methods, Inc. was assisting with the development of the Janitorial Services Companies of Great Britain and Scandinavia.

Today, as in the 1960ís, the goal remains to help others grow by sharing knowledge with them.  And in so doing, we grow, to better serve.

"A clean environment is conducive to a better image,
better self-image, and higher productivity!"

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