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Payroll Services

Unlock the Power of 2M Pay: Professional, Secure Payroll Services


Payroll Processing

Our experienced Payroll Specialists provide bank checks or direct deposits, departmental or labor distribution payroll summaries, W-2’s, payroll register statements including current and year-to-date wages, adjustment, and taxes, employee earnings, including all pay-stub information, new hire reporting, and retirement, general ledger, and termination reports.

Payroll Tax Processing & Compliance Services

Our Payroll Tax Processing & Compliance services are responsible for timely depositing of all payroll taxes, preparation of all quarterly and annual tax returns, as well as HR onboarding, screening, and background checks, 401(k) remittances to custodians, ACA compliance, and HSA solutions.

Credit Card
Working with Financial Documents

Payroll Reports Service

Our Payroll Reports Service can help take the stress out of managing your business's payroll and financial reporting. We can provide you with the necessary reports to satisfy the demands of government agencies, such as Worker's Compensation Audits, Unemployment Claims, Social Security Audits, Child Support Audits, and more. We also offer assistance with Federal, State, and Local registration forms, as well as W-2 and W-3 processing and 1099 and 1096 processing.


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Our services help you track, plan, and manage your money with ease. We provide our clients with the tools to create realistic budgets and track their spending in real-time. We prepare, reconcile, analyze, interpret, store and communicate the implications of various financial statements, so that you can understand what the reports mean and how this data affects your company. With Maintenance Methods, you'll have the financial clarity you need to make the best decisions for your business.

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